Double Eagle, a Pennsylvania Craft Malthouse

What we stand for:

Provenance: All grain is sourced from within 100 miles of our Philadelphia-area PA malthouse, and is identified by farmer, field and variety. We help brewers and distillers connect the consumer with the grower.

Specialization: Want to make something off the beaten path? Double Eagle can create custom malts from a variety of grains including 2-row and 6-row barley, wheat, rye, spelt, oats and buckwheat. Get it kiln dried, roasted or caramelized to your specified color.

Contract malting: If you're growing your own grain for a farm distillery or brewery, we'll clean it, malt it, package it and ship it back to offer your customers a truly authentic ground-to-glass experience.

More flavor: We push flavor limits to give customers more ways to differentiate themselves, e.g.,

  • Conducting kilning techniques to develop more flavor from the grain
  • Researching and advancing heritage and emerging grain varieties with unique profiles
  • Working with University extension agents to develop a more diverse agricultural pool
  • Studying the effects of barley varieties and terroir on flavor
Support for our farmers: We provide incentives to our farmers to grow crops with better margins than commodities, and to grow varieties with better malting quality. We're proud to support local farmers, local businesses and the local economy with sustainable, renewable, hand-crafted malts.

Contact Scott Broussard for a current product and price list.