Single-Origin Malts

Base Malts

Our primary goal is to supply the highest quality pale base malts from two-row and six-row barley, rye and wheat. While the process is fairly simple, the equipment, controls and testing used to convert barley into clean, well modified malt is complex and relies on the maltster's skill to read its progress and make judgments on the fly. Since not all barley is uniform, the techniques to make the best malt vary from batch to batch.

Double Eagle Malt prefers not to blend single-origin varieties and batches, and can provide a certificate of analysis on each batch, conducted by our in-house lab and verified by the Center for Craft Food & Beverage at Hartwick College.

Double Eagle uses kilning techniques that draw out the grain's particular flavor, delivering a unique sensory perception that is reflected in the final product. While we can make distillers malts with high DP on request, most of our customers appreciate the full flavor developed from our custom kilning process. It's your call.

Specialty Malts

In addition to an aromatic Vienna, a light Munich and a nutty, biscuit-y Munich, Double Eagle Malt's portfolio now includes a full range of crystal and roasted malts made to your specifications. We can create crystal from C-10 to C-120, roasted barley, wheat or rye malts to 400 L, and other specialties to give your beer or spirit the unique color and flavor attributes to differentiate it from others.

Contract Malting

Double Eagle appreciates the relationships we have built with farm breweries and distilleries. This is about as close as you can get to "ground to glass." We would be proud to work with other farm breweries and distilleries as the opportunities arise, including the opportunity for malting other non-traditional grains such as spelt and oats.

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2-Row Pale, Chocolate, Munich,
Crystal Wheat, Wheat, Crystal Rye