Meet The Team

Alan Gladish, Business Manager

Alan is a homebrewer who started making all-grain beers in 1971, long before there was any kind of home brew network, and 20 years before the craft brewery boom. After several years of trial and error (which could be called "obsessive"), and with only the aid of a couple crude British books on beer-making, Alan was finally able to make a decent beer.

During his early brewing experiments, Alan also sought out local barley from farmers to try his hand at malting. After a forty-year sabbatical he was bitten by the home brew bug again in 2012. Alan has lived in Lower Moreland, PA since 1979 and is now an accomplished and award-winning home brewer. Eager to expand his making-stuff-from-scratch repertoire, he completed the Malt Academy from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Center in Winnipeg Canada in preparation for starting Double Eagle Malt. Alan is the company's business manager.

Gary Snyder, Malthouse Manager

Alan's son-in-law, Gary, has been employed by the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust in Lower Moreland, Montgomery County PA for three years. During his tenure, in addition to his regular duties, he introduced and implemented the concept of using small goat herds to manage the lands in a more earth-friendly way than by more intrusive methods. Gary has an excellent grasp of organic chemistry, a talent that is critical for successful malting.

Gary completed the advanced course of the Malt Academy from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Center. He is Double Eagle's day-to-day production manager, responsible for processing, quality control and distribution of finished malt.

Dean Morey, Agricultural Manager

A 1976 graduate of Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, Dean managed a farm for 18 years, raising sheep and cattle and growing small grain, hay and corn in Lower Moreland, Montgomery County. Dean is a fifth generation farmer, born and raised in Texas. While his farming days are behind him, his collective experience and knowledge about small grain farming makes him an invaluable liaison between Double Eagle Malt and its participating farmers.

Dean's responsibilities are to educate farmers on the quality standards needed for malting quality barley; to coordinate extension services for counsel on trials, varieties, nutritional requirements; to negotiate subsidies to help defray risk; and to contract grain on behalf of Double Eagle Malt.